Effexor XR Cost

Effexor XR (venlafaxine hydrochloride) is a prescription drug advised for patients diagnosed with some stress and anxiety disorder or depression. This antidepressant relieves your symptoms by impacting particular chemicals in the brain and recovering their equilibrium. To benefit from the treatment completely it's essential to take Effexor XR properly and prevent incorporating it with tranquilizers, narcotic medicines, antipsychotic medicines, other antidepressants, or any sort of weight-loss products to stop interactions or worsened negative side effects. Swallow the capsule of Effexor XR whole without crushing it or chewing it, as this medicine has been specially developed to liquefy only once inside your belly. Constantly take as much as recommended - usually it's one tablet computer a day with a complete glass of water - as if you occur to take excessive such symptoms of an overdose as seizures, sleepiness, dizziness, swift or sluggish heart beat, coma, and low blood tension are possible. The following light negative effects are very usual, specifically at first: lightheadedness, sweating, sleep problems, obscured vision, vomiting, stress and anxiety, tiredness, completely dry mouth, weakness, queasiness, weight loss, stress and anxiety, and constipation. There's no need to tell your physician regarding these symptoms unless they obtain severe and impact the high quality of your life.